Graphic design (CAD)

Our graphic design service (CAD) offers you a design, production, manufacturing and installation service, with our certified installers (Turnkey.)

Facing Unusual Metalwork Requirements?

Our metalworking expertise is ideal for metal pieces with unique requirements: minimal weld distortions, extra large or over-sized fabrications, complex shapes and double curved panels.

From idea to final product

Urbain Ideas & Solutions offers you manufacturing, assembly and welding services for custom steel, aluminum and stainless steel structures.


For a cleaner, dynamic and ecological city.

Ecological characteristic of the City Waste Bin…

No bag needed! Many garbage cans compel the use of bags, which will not solve the environmental problem. The CWB occupies little space and can be attached to a pole or attached to another surface, freeing the ground to facilitate snow removal.

The specially designed inclined lid prevents people from adding other household waste to it. The bottom of the bin is pierced with small holes to facilitate the evacuation of liquids. The CWB can also be easily designed to harmonize with the decor and layout of the city. Another good reason to choose the CWB model is the access to a lock which allows you to secure unauthorized uses but above all to eliminate theft.

For a cleaner, more modern and greener space.

Urbain Ideas & Solutions

An Architectural & Ornamental Metal firm

Montreal Metro - MTC

From old to new, metals recycling and restoration.
We are proud to have been a part of the MTC (Montreal Transit Corporation) project that restored used waste garbage receptacles into modern free-standing and wall-mounted garbage and recycled paper receptacles.

Montreal METRO

Montreal METRO

Montreal METRO