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Urban Ideas & Solutions is a leader in the field of Urban and Industrial design. Our products and concepts of steel transformation and recycling of furniture make our pride.

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Louis Catalano

Business Development,
Corporate Sales,
Municipalities (Cities, Towns, Villages) and Rural Communities

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Tony Randazzo

Product development,
Engineering and Manufacturing Process

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Urban Ideas & Solutions was created by Tony Randazzo and Linda Poirier in 2009. Their objective was to design and develop different cutting-edge waste disposal systems to meet the needs of cities, as well as regional and national parks. This project was carried out after many months of research and feedback from municipal administrators on the difficulties of keeping their environment clean and making the tasks of their staff less arduous.

At Urban Ideas & Solutions, our team understands the need to participate; no contribution is too small when it comes to keeping our environment clean for future generations. We strive to design and develop our products to meet the constantly changing needs and changes in our communities

We are proud to be the creators of a product that is already used and appreciated by many cities.
We will continue to participate in this global effort.